Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2016, Pages 53-111 

Original Article

Effect of Stone Cast Type on Complete Denture Base Adaptation

Pages 59-62


Salman Hamdan; Ghassan Wazir; Aous Dannan

Review Article

Biologic Width around Dental Implants: An Updated Review

Pages 68-81


Zeinab Rezaei Esfahrood; Mahdi Kadkhodazadeh; Parisan Gholamin; Reza Amid; Euloir Passanezi; Homayoun Hosein Zadeh

Original Article

Prevalence of Traumatic Dental Injuries among Contact Sport Practitioners in Northeast of Iran in 2012

Pages 82-85


Armita Rouhani; Jamileh Ghoddusi; Majid Reza Rahmandost; Majid Akbari

Case Report/Series

Success Evaluation of Pulpotomy in Primary Molars with Enamel Matrix Derivative: a Pilot Study

Pages 94-98


Fatemeh Mazhari; Mahboobeh Shabzendedar; Nooshin Mohtasham; Elham Nik; Homa Noorollahian

Review Article

Oral Schwannoma: A Systematic Review of the Case Reports

Pages 99-111


Jahanshah Salehinejad; Zahra Sahebnasagh; Reza Zare-Mahmoodabadi; Zoha Sahebnasagh; Saeide Ebrahimi