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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2023 

The impact of oxidative mouthwash on microleakage of composite restorations: A stereomicroscopic study

Pages 118-123

Farnaz Farahat; Mehrad Karimi; Tayebe Sadat Baghaei Ardakani; Zahra Shevidi

Cyclic fatigue resistance of three Nickel-Titanium rotary files in single curvature canals: An in-vitro analysis

Pages 129-133

Kiranmurthy Dhananjaya; Amitu Singh; Nilotpol Kashyap; Shreya Rani; Soni Patel; Nishi Singh

Retention and wear of nylon matrix component in implant-supported overdentures based on insertion technique: A clinical trial

Pages 134-141

Parviz Amini; Sina Abyari; Parinaz Pour Moshrefi; Nazila Lashkarizadeh; lida lashkarizadeh

Endodontic factors associated with satisfaction of patients after root canal treatment

Pages 142-148

Ashok Ayer; Mannu Vikram; Navin Agrawal; Vimmi Singh; Arbind Rai; Sushmita Shrestha; Sita Shrestha

A survey of cone-beam computed tomographic use among Iranian endodontists

Pages 149-154

Maryam Forghanirad; Mohammad Eshraghi; Ali Kazemian; Maryam Gharechahi

Case Report/Series

Simultaneous endodontic and surgical management of skin dimpling due to an old sinus tract: a case report

Pages 155-159

Moein Khojaste; Sahand Samieirad; Navid Kazemian; Sara Navabi

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