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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2023, Pages 1-54 

Original Article

Tooth sensitivity and whitening effect of an in-office bleaching gel containing sodium hexametaphosphate: A randomized triple-blind clinical trial

Pages 1-9

Hamideh Sadat Sadat Mohammadipour; Hossein Bagheri; Mehrzad Khorshid; Majid Akbari; Saeed Akhlaghi; Maryam Samareh khammar

Marginal adaptation of zirconia CAD-CAM copings with two cervical finish lines

Pages 16-21

Maryam Moslemioon; Faeze Zanjani Jam; Rasoul Moharami; Atefeh Yousefi Jordehi

Comparison of XP-endo Finisher, self-adjusting file, and Canal Brush systems on the removal of calcium hydroxide paste from root canals

Pages 28-34

Merve Yeniçeri Özata; Sadullah Kaya; Nihal Firdevs Özfidan Arıkan; Ezgi İlkay Zengin; Gizem Akın Tartuk

Effect of central cavity depth and ferrule on the mechanical retention of endo-crowns

Pages 35-42

Azam Sadat Madani Madani; Hossein Bagheri; Neda Jarahi; Hossein Hosseini Zarch; Maryam Ahmadi

Histomorphometric and histologic evaluation of the effects of leukocyte platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) and nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) on bone regeneration in rabbits

Pages 43-50

Tayebeh Mobaleghi; Reza Vafadoost; Rokhsare Sadeghi; Fatemeh Mashhadi-Abbas; Hamid Ahmadian-Moghadam; Hossein Semyari; Hassan Semyari

Review Article

Titanium implants coated with stem cells: A mini-review of the impact on osseointegration

Pages 51-54

Shamim Hashemi; Mohammad Moein Derakhshan Barjoei

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