Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2012, Pages 1-39 
2. The Effect of Abutment Surface Roughness on the Retention of Implant-Supported Crowns Cemented with Provisional Luting Cement

Pages 6-10

Jalil Ganbarzadeh; Mohammad Reza Nakhaei; Farid Shiezadeh; Seyyed Mohammad Abrisham

3. Evaluation of Survival Time of Tooth Color Dental Materials in Primary Anterior Teeth

Pages 11-18

Behjat-Al-Molook Ajami; Masoumeh Ebrahimi; Abbas Makarem; Taraneh Movahhed; Amir Reza Motamedi

4. Comparative Assessment of Nuclear and Nucleolar Cytochemical Parameters of Oral Epithelial Cells in Smokers and Non-Smokers by Methyl Green-Pyronin Staining

Pages 19-23

Jahanshah Salehinejad; Nasser Mahdavi-Shahri; Nooshin Mohtasham; Hamid Ejtehadi; Shahrzad Adhami; Mahdi Pazouki

7. Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst with Complex Odontoma: Histological and Immunohistochemical Features

Pages 35-39

Nooshin Mohtasham; Amin Rahpeyma; Saeedeh Khajeh Ahmadi; Mohsen Merati