Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2020, Pages 1-55 

Review Article

1. Effects of root canal irrigants and medicaments on dentin and vice versa: a review of Literature

Pages 1-9

Zahed Mohammadi; Jun-Ichiro Kinoshita; Atsufumi Manabe; Mikihiro Kobayashi; Sousan Shalavi; Flavio Palazzi; Shapour Yaripour; Hamid Jafarzadeh

4. Mothers’ Knowledge and Practice towards the Effects of Iron Supplementation on Tooth Staining and Dental Caries in Yazd, Iran

Pages 21-26

iman parisay; Sara Arastoo; Aliasghar Soleymani; Alaleh Toloee; Mahsa Ahmadi Shadmehri

6. Dimensional accuracy of three impression materials by one-step and two-step impression techniques: An in vitro study

Pages 36-42

Zahra Afshari; Rahab Ghoveizi; Layla Moein; Mahdi Shamali; Sara Tavakolizadeh

Short Communication

8. Exploration of the Customized Fixtures for the Evaluation of Three-point Bending Strength of Dental Resin Composites

Pages 51-55

Tooba Farhan; Naresh Kumar; Faiza Amin; Syed Junaid Mahmood