Announcement of inclusion of J Dent Mater Tech in Scopus database



Associate Professor, Dental Research Center, School of Dentistry, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran

Dear Readers

As we recently turned into 2024, I'd like to extend warm New Year greetings to our readers and reviewers on behalf of the editorial board of the Journal of Dental Materials and Techniques. I wish you a year filled with exciting discoveries, productive collaborations, and academic achievements.

With immense pleasure and pride, I announce the inclusion of our journal in the Scopus indexing database, which is a significant milestone in our journey. I extend heartfelt congratulations to the entire community of the Journal of Dental Materials and Techniques (JDMT). This accomplishment serves as a reflection of the collaborative efforts of our journal, scientific committee, and editorial and executive personnel as well as the great contribution of authors and reviewers from all around the world.

As we move forward, I invite researchers and scholars from around the world to join us in our exploration of knowledge and innovation. With our platform welcoming new submissions, I encourage you to share your latest findings, breakthroughs, and insights in the field of dental materials and techniques. Your contributions will enrich our collective understanding and drive progress in the field.

I am glad to present the first issue of this year (Volume. 13, Issue 1). This issue consists of eight original research articles in the field of dental materials contributed by experts from around the world. We extend our sincere appreciation to the authors for entrusting us with their insightful perspectives. Your support is crucial to the continued success and advancement of our journal. I am confident that, together, with the collective efforts of authors, editorial board members, reviewers, guest editors, and partner scientists from across the world, we will elevate the Journal of Dental Materials and Techniques to the forefront of scientific research.